Online Seminar "Geometric Analysis"

Since the coronavirus pandemic forces us to cancel workshops, conferences and seminar, we need new ways to stay connected. So lets make the best out of it and join forces to build an online seminar able to compete with all our local research seminars.

How it (should) work

  • We will use zoom to make this seminar work. You can join through a link we will send you through the mailing list you have to subscribe to before.
  • Meeting id: 693-964-597. You will get the password through the mailinglist.
  • Please log-in with your name and turn off your video and microphone when you login. Of course you can turn it back on to ask questions.
  • Please be patient, in case the system breaks down
  • Mailing list

    There is a mailing list which announces the speakers for each week and shares the password to the meeting. To subscribe, send a blank email with the subject "subscribe osga YOUREMAILADRESS YOURNAME" to You can unsubscribe in a similar way.

    List of Upcoming Talks

    Complete List of Talks

    03. 04. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Philipp Reiter (University Halle, Germany)A bending‐twist model for elastic rods
    07. 04. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Remy Rodiac (University Paris-Saclay, France) Inner variations and limiting vorticities for the Ginzburg-Landau equationsvideo
    14. 04. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Daniel Steenebrügge (RWTH Aachen, Germany) A speed preserving Hilbert gradient flow for generalized integral Menger curvature video
    21. 04. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Andrew Sageman-Furnas (TU Berlin, Germany) Navigating the space of Chebyshev netsvideo
    20:00 (CEST) Siran Li (Rice University, USA) Isometric Immersions of Riemannian Manifolds into Euclidean Spaces, Revisitedvideo
    28. 04. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Bastian Käfer (RWTH Aachen, Germany) A Möbius invariant energy for sets of arbitrary dimension and codimension video
    05. 05. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Huy The Nguyen (Queen Mary University London, United Kingdom) High Codimension Mean Curvature Flow and Surgery video
    20:00 (CEST) Elena Mäder-Baumdicker (TU Darmstadt, Germany) The Morse index of Willmore spheres and its relation to the geometry of minimal surfaces
    12. 05. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Jesse Ratzkin (University Würzburg) On constant Q-curvature metrics with isolated singularities and a related fourth order conformal invariant video
    19. 05. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Volker Branding (University Vienna, Austria) Higher order generalizations of harmonic maps video
    26. 05. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Katharina Brazda (University Vienna, Austria) The Canham-Helfrich model for multiphase biomembranes video
    02. 06. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Lynn Heller (University Hannover) Area Estimates for High genus Lawson surfaces via DPW video
    09. 06. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Sven Pistre (RWTH Aachen, Germany) The Radon transform and higher regularity of surfaces minimising a Finsler area video
    16. 06. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Marc Pegon (University Paris-Diderot, France) Partial regularity for fractional harmonic maps into spheres
    20:00 (CEST) Myfanwy Evans (University Potsdam, Germany) Periodic tangling
    23. 06. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Miles Simon (University Magdeburg, Germany) On the regularity of Ricci flows coming out of metric spaces.
    30. 06. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Peter Topping (University Warwick, United Kingdom) Uniqueness of limits in geometric flows video
    07. 07. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Ruben Jakob (Technion, Israel) Generic full smooth convergence of the elastic energy flow in the 2-sphere video
    14. 07. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Christian Bär (University Potsdam, Germany) Counter-intuitive approximations
    21. 07. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Carla Cederbau (University Tübingen, Germany) ingen) On CMC-foliations of asymptotically flat manifolds
    28. 07. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Nadine Große (University Freiburg, Germany) Boundary value problems on singular domains: an approach via bounded geometries
    04. 08. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Melanie Rupflin (University Oxford, UK) Łojasiewicz inequalities near simple bubble trees for the $H$ surface equation
    11. 08. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) Julian Scheuer TBA
    18. 08. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) TBA TBA
    25. 08. 2020
    19:00 (CEST) TBA TBA


    Simon Blatt (University Salzburg)

    Philipp Reiter (University Halle)

    Armin Schikorra (University Pittsburgh)

    Guofang Wang (University Freiburg)