Online Seminar "Geometric Analysis"

Since the coronavirus pandemic forces us to cancel workshops, conferences and seminars, we need new ways to stay connected. So lets make the best out of it and join forces to build an online seminar able to compete with all our local research seminars. You can find videos of most of the talks either below or on our youtube channel.

How it (should) work

Mailing list

There is a mailing list which announces the speakers for each week and shares the password to the meeting. To subscribe, send a blank email with the subject "subscribe osga YOUREMAILADRESS YOURNAME" to You can unsubscribe in a similar way.

List of Upcoming Talks

Complete List of Talks


Simon Blatt (University Salzburg)

Philipp Reiter (University Halle)

Armin Schikorra (University Pittsburgh)

Guofang Wang (University Freiburg)